Everyone makes mistakes, including the police.


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We offer the most thorough and informative legal assistance and advice in South Chicago Suburbs. Knowing the law is not always enough; as a lawyer, you have to also believe that justice is important and without it our society wouldn't function like it's supposed to.

We want to fight for you, to prove your side without a sliver of doubt and we will do so by using the most qualified legal professionals. Our primary focus is to represent clients dealing with criminal law, felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations, DUI, DWI, personal injury and false arrests. We've dealt with these cases for over 30 years and have represented hundreds of clients with successful outcomes.
We will work tirelessly to uphold your rights in a court of law. If you need help, act fast. Call us today and we'll help you understand your rights and get out of trouble. We understand that dealing with the law can be stressful and often times confusing. Our service is not only to represent but to inform. We want to make sure you know exactly what's going on so you can make the best decisions and we can help you get there.
We are available 24 hours a day and on weekends for your convenience! Whether you wish to speak to someone about an existing case or you need to know the options you have to pursue what is rightfully yours, give our firm a call.